Friday, April 29, 2016

New Anthology

We recently announced our new anthology, scheduled to come out 10/29 - Halloween weekend.  The theme is Wicked Witches.  It is our first themed anthology and we will be releasing it Halloween weekend at our booth in the Salem MA Outdoor Market.

The anthology is currently open for submissions, but only to NEHW members.  Members can check their newsletter for the details and a guidelines.

The book is being edited by Dan Keohane, David Price and Scott Goudsward.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Convention appearances

The NEHW is pulling double duty this weekend.

In Maine, we'll be at Bangor Toy and Comic Saturday and Sunday.  If you get the weekend pass, they have concerts and pre-shows all of Friday.  At our booth will be:

David Price
Steven Hobbs
Katherine Silva

Do stop by and say hello.

A number of our members will be at the Maine Horror Writers Booth  - Duane Coffill and Josiah Pitchforth to name a couple.  And Remy Flagg will have his own table at the show.

All local, all indie.  Check them out.

Friday thru Sunday NEHW "south" will be at SuperMegaFest.

Starting Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon.  We're doing panels and editing services to the first 25 people at the table.  Check the website for details.

On hand will be:

Kenneth Vaughan
Dan Keohane
John Dennehy
Gordon Bean
Rob Smales
Scott Goudsward

For more information you can email us @  or check us out of Facebook.

See you there!