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April Newsletter

NEHW Newsletter April 2014

Let’s start off with member news!

From Morgan Sylvia
My new short “Let Him Who Hath Understanding” is going to be in Axes of Evil .

From Dale Phillips and Vlad Vaslyn:
I'm featured at a high-profile place today. Have a co-written guest post on the influential blog of J A Konrath, the guru of self-publishing. Really great plug, and some useful information for writers.

From John Grover:
John Grover is excited to announce the release of his new horror novel “The

From the author of Creatures and Crypts and Frozen Stiff comes an all new horror.
They are followers of a different path, a way of magic and mystery, of old customs and ancient knowledge. In their world appearances can mean so much but those appearances are not always what they seem.

Isabelle Thicket, a sorceress of the black arts is about to collide with Jacob Norsen, a sorcerer of white magic, and all Hell will break loose.  Isabelle will stop at nothing to get what she wants and Jacob will do anything to protect those he loves. Two of the most powerful forces of
nature will clash in a battle to the death and their power will unleash a greater old, hungering evil that will threaten the world.

There's no safe place to hide from... The Fetch.
Available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo or Paperback.

B&N: 309139


John will also have a story appear in the new upcoming anthology “The End is the Beginning” by Firbolg Publishing called “The Touch.” The anthology is due to make its premiere at the World Horror Convention.

From Tim Finn:

My story “Vengeance Stirred, Not on the Rocks” is slated to appear in the Angelic Knight Press anthology Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits.  I have a piece of flash fiction entitled “A Winter's Wisp” in the upcoming Strange Musings Press collection Alternate Hilarities 2: Vampires Suck.

From Vlad Vaslyn:
New Release from Vlad V.

When Pete and Gary Godfrey stumble upon a skeleton in an ancient burial chamber, their lives are forever altered. They activate a bizarre crystal cube clasped in the skeleton's hand, and once its terrifying power has been awakened, things quickly spiral out of their control. The brothers have put themselves and the entire city of New York in danger, and soon they fall into the crosshairs of an NSA agent driven by a shadowy agenda. The deadly implications of their find could change the course of human history, and they have no choice but to solve the mystery of the cube before it annihilates them all.

The first in a two-part work, The Button is a Science Fiction/Thriller that asks if humanity is far older than we've been led to believe. Was our species more advanced in some distant past? Is there a conspiracy to hide a secret history from the public? Perhaps the answers lie in the Godfrey brother's accidental discovery, but they'd better work fast, because the countdown has begun ...

From Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert:
Two of Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert's horror-themed poems have been translated into Polish and are featured in the latest issue of Creatio Fantastica. The Lies Parents Tell is a zombie-themed poem that was first published by Tales of the Zombie War. Interview with the Faerie (Part One) is fantasy/horror and can be found in Suzanne's book of speculative poetry, Interview with the Faerie (Part One) and Other Tales of Darkness of Light. An interview with Suzanne is also featured in this issue.

Creatio Fantastica currently operates under the auspices of the Laboratory of Literature and Popular Culture and New Media at the Department of Modern Languages, University of Wroclaw, Poland.

From KH Vaughan:
K. H. Vaughan has new stories available in the following anthologies:

“Hell on Wheels” appears in “The Lost: A Kingdom of Nothing Anthology,” available from Galileo Games.
“Founding Fathers” appears in “Songs of the Satyrs,” available on Kindle and Smashwords.
“Zipperback” appears in the anthology “The Future Embodied,” available on Kindle.

More good news from Dale Phillips!
Made a story sale to Voluted Tales in Australia- my third published continent!

From Jan Kozlowski
Blight Digest, a new dark fiction & horror magazine debuting October 7, 2014 from One Eye Press is open for submissions until May 12, 2014. Featuring 10 harrowing stories from emerging & established writers, Blight Digest will be produced in both print & digital formats and will be available through Amazon and the Blight Digest website-

Submission information can be found at

I'm also very proud to have a writing exercise included in the latest in the NOW WRITE! series edited by Laurie Lamson, NOW WRITE! Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: Speculative Genre Exercises from Today's Best Writers & Teachers. 

From Scott T. Goudsward
Scott’s newest story “With Death Comes Life” is in the premier anthology from April Moon Books “The Dark Rites of Cthulhu.”

From Bracken MacLeod:
Bracken was interviewed from the good folks of Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester, MA
To read an excerpt, follow the link:
In October the latest EA Poe statue will be unveiled in Boston:
Coming up, the NEHW makes an appearance at the Newburyport Literary Festival.  This the first year that horror has been accepted to this event.  The panel we’re on is 10:30 Saturday morning.  Check out the schedule and stop by.
On the panel are: Gordon Bean, Rob Smales, Scott Goudsward and moderating is Bracken MacLeod.    

May10th we’ll be at the ROCK Comic Show in Salem, NH
Appearing will be Tracy Carbone, Rob Smales, Gordon Bean, Elizabeth Black, Dale Phillips, Vlad Vaslyn and Scott Goudsward
June 7th & 8th the NEHW will be invading Rhode Island for Terror Con.
On the bill are Jan Kozlowski, David Price, Gordon Bean, Bracken MacLeod and Scott Goudsward.
In July we attack Rhode Island again at NECON.
Email Scott on Facebook or @ NEHWNEWS@GMAIL.COM if you want to sell books at the table, the costs will be minimal
August 8 - 10 We’re at Boston Comic Com
This is a massive multi-media show which has brought in 25K people at past shows.
So far we have Erin Thorne, Chris Irvin, Mike Arruda and Scott Goudsward - still plenty of space for this show, email Scott for details.  The more people the lower the costs.
September 13-14 NH Comic Con
We did this show last year and we did pretty good.  It’s a good “Low Key” show and they attract a good sized crowd.  We have two tables - Wristbands included for this one.  Signed up so far are Mike Arruda, Gordon Bean and Scott Goudsward - Email Scott for details - still plenty of room for more people.  And… the more people, the cheaper the costs.
October 17-20
Rock and Shock - Need I say more.  I don’t have the details yet.  Will send them once I have them.
And those are the events so far - if you see something that the NEHW might do go at, please let us know!
Other shows which we’re looking at currently:  6 people - $40 a person - the show is coming up quick, so we need to know ASAP. - we’ve been there before… - amazingly stellar line up - should be mind-boggling busy.
We’re going to be having an NEHW housewarming and BBQ at the MacLeod residence in Framingham, MA - all the details will be on the FB events page.  All we know so far, BYOB and its a potluck.
Do you have news you want to share?  Blog Posts?  Interviews?  New releases? - Send it all to NEHWNEWS@GMAIL.COM

And per usual - the behind the scenes people.
David Price
Dan Keohane
Scott Goudsward

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