Saturday, January 24, 2015

The new anthology

Announcing NEHW's third anthology!
Wicked Tales: The Journal of the New England Horror Writers, Volume 3.

Here's the official line-up:

Kristin Dearborn                           Somebody's Darling   
Rob Smales                                   Keepsakes
Christopher Golden                      The Hiss of Escaping Air
Howard Odentz                             Handsome
E. A. Black                                    Fog Over Mons
Paul McMahon                              Bitemarks       
Trisha J. Wooldridge                     Crocodile Below
Bracken MacLeod                         The Blood and the Body
K. H. Vaughan                               The Opacity of Saints
Holly Newstein                              Live With It
Rick Hautala                                  Love on the Rocks
Peter N Dudar & L.L. Soares  The Sweet Smell of Baby’s Breath
Sam Gafford                                   My Brother's Keeper
T.T. Zuma                                       The Pawnshop
Matthew Barlett                             Master of Worms
David North-Martino                     Sat Down Inside her
John Goodrich                               Odd Grimson
Timothy P. Flynn                           A Rhythmic Creation of the Damned (poem)
Michael J. Arruda                          Created Woman
John Mclveen                                Eve

Introduction by Chet Williamson
Cover art by Ogmios

We are so incredibly thrilled and pleased to present this.  The book is scheduled to drop at Anthocon in June in Portsmouth NH.