Friday, October 10, 2014

Rock and Shock

In a little less than a week, the NEHW will be making the annual pilgrimage to Worcester, MA for the mayhem that is Rock and Shock.  3+ days of metal, horror and pop culture.  We've been doing this show as long as I can remember the show being around.  This is the convention's 11th year and it might be ours being there as well.

I (Scott) used to go to the show as a fanboy.  Drive down to the Centrum early as hell on Saturday, grab my ticket and bop around for a few hours.  After joining up with the NEHW I started selling books there and hanging out with the other writers gathered within.  A couple years ago, I took over the show from TJ May and have been digging it ever since.  The years went by, some of the faces changed, the rest of us got older.  Now it's waiting until the weekend of the 17th.

They used to have the show on Columbus day weekend, until NY Comic Con started sucking up all the star power and draw.

I can't tell you who the first person I got a signature from at R&S was, but one of my favorites is the always lovely Dee Wallace.  And I keep waiting for that big Phantasm re-union.  But until then...

Rock and Shock

On Saturday our own Jack Haringa and KH Vaughan from 12-1PM

We're also doing the first ever writing class/seminar on the basics of the craft Saturday 4:30 to 5:30 - that one will be taught by Trisha Wooldridge, Bracken Macleod and me (Scott Goudsward.)

Coming to the convention for signing are:

Trisha and Scott Wooldridge
Bracken MacLeod
Scott Goudsward
Gordon Bean
Jack Haringa
John McIlveen
Rob Smales
LL Soares
KH Vaughan
Jan Kozlowski
David Price
Matthew Bartlett
Timothy Finn
Errick "Danger" Nunnally
Sylvia Bourgoin

Come on by and say Hello.  And buy some books all of the authors will be on hand and ready to sign anything you buy or bring.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Haunted Acres

Join us Saturday 10/11/14 at Haunted Acres in Candia NH from 6 til ??

appearing at the event will be:

Errick Nunnally
Bracken Macleod
TT Zuma
Rob Smales
Dale Phillips
Vlad V
Scott Goudsward.

Check out some local authors and then go through some Haunted Houses.

Merrimac Valley Horror Author Fair

In the first annual event sponsored by the Tewksbury Public Library, we'll be invading the book lined halls this Tuesday 10/7/14 from 7-9 for an epic event...  Epic?  10 of our ranks will be there selling, signing and talking about horror and ourselves (A topic we're pretty good at.)

Please do stop by and see us.

Tewsbury Library 10/7