Friday, April 15, 2022


Next Week marks our return to the convention scene since Covid hot. Join us next week at Rising Phoenix!

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Writing, Submitting, and Marketing Short Stories / Making Anthologies

Writing, Submitting, and Marketing Short Stories / Making Anthologies



The New England Horror Writers are putting out our ninth anthology,

so we’re having a massive anthology event!


Join us for full day of events at Atelier Pro-Kreative in the C.C. Sargent’s & Sons 1877 mill building on 69 Broadway Street, Westford, MA, beginning at 9:30 AM and going until 6:00 PM


After some networking time with morning refreshments, instructors Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Scott T. Goudsward, and Trisha J. Wooldridge will lead a three-hour workshop on writing, submitting, and marketing short stories, with the option of additional critiques for submitted writing samples. In the afternoon, authors and editors from NEHW’s Wicked Women and Wicked Creatures anthologies will be signing, selling their own work, and taking part in a giant Q&A. Opportunities to network, purchase anthologies and authors’ publications, and socialize will happen before the workshops, during lunch, and at the end of the event.


Included in the price of the full-day event will be light morning refreshments and lunch options. Those who want to just attend the afternoon signing, Q&A, and networking will have access to lunch offerings.


Attending authors and editors from Wicked Women and Wicked Creatures may bring their own books to display, sign, and sell. Individual sellers are responsible for reporting and handling their own sales tax and paying 15% of their total sales to the venue. NEHW will also have available their other anthologies and pre-sale information for brand new NEHW swag with the new logo!


Costs for the event are tiered and a la carte:


Full day of 3-hour workshop, breakfast, lunch, networking, signing, author Q & A: 

            NEHW members:        $50                              Non-NEHW members:           $60


Afternoon only, including lunch:

            NEHW members:        $25                              Non-NEHW members:           $30


Critique by all 3 instructors (only with Full-day admission):

            NEHW members:        $15                              Non-NEHW members:           $20

            Critique is for 1500 words or up to 5 pages in Standard Manuscript Format.



For those purchasing full day or afternoon admission:

            Wicked Women and Wicked Creatures (regularly $15 each),

signed by all attending authors and editors:                                                   $25


Pre-purchase the 2022 anthology Wicked Sick,

signed by editors and available authors,

including postage anywhere in the continental U.S.:                                                 $17

or pick-up at an NEHW table event in October:                                            $13





Meet your Instructors


Kristi Petersen Schoonover is editing NEHW’s ninth anthology, Wicked Sick. Her fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, serves as co-host of the Dark Discussions podcast, and is founding editor of the dark literary journal 34 Orchard. Follow her adventures at


Trisha J. Wooldridge, editor of NEHW’s Wicked Women, writes stuff that occasionally wins awards—child-friendly ones as T.J. Wooldridge. Find her in the Shirley Jackson Award-winning The Twisted Book of Shadows; some HWA Poetry Showcase volumes; and in multiple anthologies (as writer or editor). She also lovingly tortures consenting authors with her editing talents.


Scott T. Goudsward, editor on nearly all of the NEHW anthologies, from Wicked Tales to Wicked Sick was also published in the first two anthologies, Epitaphs and Wicked Seasons. He’s also the author of dozens of other short stories, the novels Trailer Trash and Fountain of the Dead, and half the team behind the popular non-fiction Horror Guide series, documenting the geographic locations referenced and used in movies, television, and literature. Wicked Sick will be his 12th edited / co-edited anthology.


Meet the Event Moderator


CIBA-award winner and author of the best-selling series Recollections of a Rune Knight, Jack Cullen lives in New England where he can be found traveling around in a 1956 Willys Wagon named The Professor. His many professions include veteran, attorney, and police captain. Check out his website at


Jack will be keeping the day on track, announcing each event, moderating, and hosting the afternoon Q&A of authors and editors.


About the Venue:


Atelier Pro-Kreative is a multi-functional artist's loft to create the latest visions within videography, photography, podcasts/multimedia and more. It’s a beautiful space on the second floor in a historical mill location. Unfortunately, there is no elevator for members with special needs. But there will be a video of the workshop available for members to purchase and future opportunities for critiques from NEHW editors. Members wishing to purchase signed copies of Wicked Women and Wicked Creatures, or to pre-purchase Wicked Sick, can send an email to


Atelier Pro-Creative has a small parking lot and on-street parking. Attendants will be on site to assist attendees.


The full-day workshop is limited to 25 attendees; afternoon tickets will be capped based on the venue’s limits. We will send notices as we reach capacity and if same-day sales of the workshop (without critique) and afternoon signing and Q&A will be available. To secure your place, email Scott at or Trisha at stating what you want to sign up for, and you will receive a detailed invoice to complete the purchase. Those purchasing the additional critique will receive further instructions upon their completed purchase; critique material MUST BE SUBMITTED by 11:59 pm, Monday, April 4th or the critique slot will be forfeited without refund.



Health & Safety Precautions:

NEHW and Atelier Pro-Creative will work in compliance with local mandates. Currently, masking in Westford, MA is optional. We have capped attendance and included breaks with respect to safe distancing for an indoor event. We will not require proof of vaccination and cannot provide on-site testing. Attendees are welcome to wear masks and take additional breaks outside as they feel necessary. We ask anyone feeling sick or showing any symptoms the day of the event not attend. Admission sales are not refundable, but all paid attendees who cannot attend will have free access to the recorded workshop and Q&A, will receive submission critiques via email, and will receive any pre-purchased and signed books via mail; NEHW will pay for media mail postage.



Agenda for April 9:


9:30-10:00:                  Light morning snacks, coffee, tea, water

10:00 -10:50:               Workshop Part 1: Crafting Short Stories

11:00-11:50:                Workshop Part 2: Submitting and Selling Short Storie

12:00-12:50:                Workshop Part 3: “I sold a story! Now what?” Marketing & Promo

1:00-2:15:                    Lunch and Networking, Shopping Time

2:30-2:50:                    Author Signing (& Shopping Time)

3:00-4:30:                    Wicked Q&A

4:45-6:00:                    Individual Critique feedback in private, Social & Networking Time


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Wicked Sick!



Wicked Sick will be the 9th anthology from the New England Horror Writers! We’re planning for a release at 2022 Necronomicon-Providence in August or at either the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Fest or Salem Outdoor Market in October, depending on when it’s ready and the state of events and travel Most likely look for the book Spring 2023. 

The subject of the anthology is sickness, be it physical or mental. What new diseases or contagions strike fear into your heart? What are some horrific existing sicknesses that no one is talking about? What horrific symptoms have not been explored? What effects are there to explore on a person’s psyche? To what extent will one go to protect sick loved ones—from the illness itself, from an abusive system of care, or from consequences of their diseased actions? What happens when society uses illness as a means of control? How does one cope when sickness changes who a person is entirely? What happens when the world calls you sick, but you aren’t suffering? What happens when you’re suffering, but no one believes you’re sick? What are some historical horrors of medicine that haven’t been explored: human test subjects, cruel surgery training, battlefield triage? 

We will be having a special guest editor - Kristi Petersen Schoonover!

What don’t we want? An anthology filled with plague doctor and pandemic stories. This is also not the place for personal and biographical recounting of the Covid-19 experiences.  We also don’t need rehashes of The Stand, Swann Song, The Hot Zone, I Am Legend or V-Wars, and we’ve all seen and read countless disease-that-creates-zombies apocalypse stories, so avoid those. They’ll be a hard sell.

All submissions should be original work. We do not want previously published stories. Also, no multiple submissions—one at a time, and wait until you hear from us before pressing that submit button again. Do not send us chapbooks, novellas or parts of novels.

And though we shouldn’t have to say it, nothing inappropriate with animals or children. No extreme violence. Violence and sex should be for the purpose of moving the plot, and not too graphic. This is not the anthology for extreme horror or gore. Aim for R rated.

Reading period: 2/1/22 to 6/30/22 And 11:59 PM
Currently we're set up for BLIND SUBMISSIONS

Please make sure your story is submitted in standard manuscript format. Not familiar with standard manuscript format? Here’s a link:

Now you know. No excuses.

Word count should be 3K to 6K. Query for longer or shorter works. Payment is a flat rate $70 for short stories, $50 for long form poems, $25 for short form poems, one physical copy of the anthology and an e-book. We’ll be looking for fifteen stories and likely 3 - 5 poems. Payment to be made within 90 days of publication.

Send submissions to our Submittable account! Send QUERIES ONLY to
We’re looking for FNASR, first E-book/Audio rights and non-exclusive electronic reprint rights. Yes, we’ll notify you if we intend on reprinting your story in the future and it will ONLY be for promotional purposes.

This anthology is ONLY open to paying members of the NEHW.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Wicked Creatures! The 8th book!


Massive Entity-17 Bernardo Carpio        K. H. Vaughan 

The Mumble Man                                    James A. Moore 

Carving Grace                                          Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Birth of a Creature                                   Cindy O’Quinn 

Silver Leaves and Moth Wings               David Bernard 

Wood You Love?                                     Rob Smales 

Dragon’s Scales                                       Victoria Dalpe 

This Night Has a Chill                            Katherine Silva 

Burning Bright                                        Errick Nunnally 

The Quality of Mercy                            Richard Alan Scott 

Harvest                                                  Morgan Sylvia 

Heart of Frankenstein                            Trisha J. Wooldridge

There is no 23:38 Westbound               J. Edwin Buja 

The Thing in the Window                    D.E. Ladd 

Keep On Trucking                                Daniel R. Robichaud 

It Whispers in My Brain                     Peter N. Dudar 

Lavinia, The Traveler                         Patricia Gomes 

Kobold                                                John C. Foster 

Fifteen Years From Now                     Howard Odentz

Flutter                                                    John Grover 

The Ookie Birds                                    Paul McMahon

The Sick and the Cursed                        Timothy P Flynn 

Ulcinium                                                F. R. Michaels 

The Weatherman and the Monk             Nick A. Zaino III

Friday, September 11, 2020

Wicked Women ToC

The final ToC for Wicked Women due October 2020 from NEHW Press.

Tree Limbs Block the Road by Patricia Gomes
Milk Time by Elaine Pascale

Does This Bring You Joy? by Sara Marks

Bad Trip Highway by Renee S. DeCamillis

Child of Reason by Christine Lajewski

Sunsets by Victoria Dalpe

Silver Heart by Morgan Sylvia

The Fetch by E.A. Black

The Tale of Annette by Tracy Carbone

Souls of the Wicked Like Crumbs in Her Hand by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

The Hungry Man by Lindsay Moore

Ristra by Mary Robles

Three Sisters Island by Hillary Monahan

Arbor Day by Kristi Petersen Schoonover

The Stones of Grisbury by Angi Shearstone

The Hungry Heart by Roxanne Dent

Her Eyes Like Silver Dollars by Gillian Daniels

Getaway by Lola J. Clemente

Flesh Harvest by Kameryn James

The Monsters We Become by Jennifer Williams

Tiger’s Husband by Jane Yolen

Edited by Trisha Wooldridge


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

State of the Anthology Address

From the editor:

Hello, Women and Female-Identifying NEHW members!
This is Trish, guest editor for Wicked Women with some updates for y’all.
Our first round of rejections, acceptances, and revise & rewrite requests have all gone out this weekend. If you submitted and have not heard, you may send an email to to ask about your submission.

We do still have some space in the anthology, and due to just about everyone’s life getting turned upside down thanks to COVID-19 & co, we’re extending the deadline to APRIL 15. (So you have something other than taxes to look forward to or to redirect stress!)

After having gone through the first round of submission decisions, I wanted to say a few things...
First, I’m very glad we went with blind submissions. Many choices were very hard, but not knowing who sent what allowed me to focus on the writing equally for each piece. When I accepted the guest editor position, I decided I’d send feedback with rejections. And I would send out R&R requests for stories that hooked me with something but didn’t quite work for us.
Next, I want to remind everyone who did receive a rejection (as well as those who received R&Rs and might not agree with the suggestions), that you are all not only welcome but encouraged to submit something else. Really!

Now, here’s some cheat code for the incoming submissions:

While some of you have experience with Editor Trish, not all of you do. I am a TOUGH editor, and I know how well many of you can write. I expect each submission to show an author’s best game. Wicked Women should showcase of how freaking awesome I know NEHW women are.
So, I was rather surprised at how many submissions had common grammar errors or didn’t appear proofread.

Outside of straight up typos and missing punctuation, the top three grammar/proofreading errors found in over half the submissions:

·         Run on sentences and/ or comma splices
·         Improperly punctuated or hard to follow dialogue
·         Incorrect verb tenses (especially past perfect / pluperfect)
These are all things authors can check for themselves, and they are all explained for free online. Do a Google search for what I listed, make sure you’ve not included those mistakes, and that will make a huge difference. While these issues weren’t sole reasons we  rejected stories, they factored into decisions between an R&R and a rejection or an acceptance and an R&R.

I cite these first because they are easy to avoid and fix. But it was Big Picture issues that influenced our decisions most. Here are the three most common Big Picture issues we found:
·         The submission was not a complete story; it was an “experience” or felt like a scene from something bigger.

·         We didn’t see a clear motivation for character actions; the interiority of the character was missing or didn’t match the actions taken. 

·         It was a plot we’ve read / seen / heard / was forced to read in school several times already; we could predict each plot turn.

So if your incoming submission doesn’t have any of these issues, it will have a much higher chance of acceptance. But if you really want a powerful cheat code... do all that and...
#1! Give me a story with obviously queer characters!
Every. Single. Submission. We. Got...
...had either all cis-het characters—often with a plot point dependent on a heterosexual monogamous relationships—or sexuality/gender was not brought up at all. This made me extremely sad. Please make me happier with more rainbow representation? In gender AND sexuality? Pretty please???
2. We also received no stories with characters who were anything but able-bodied. Change that.
3. While there was a better representation of different ethnicities and cultures than queer and able-bodied identities, submissions that aren’t a cast of all or nearly all white people will be looked upon with more favor. (Unless they are racist or clichéd representations. Manuscripts that include racist, bigoted, or ignorant renditions of characters of color will be rejected.)
If you’re an author writing outside of your own experience, Writing the Other ( has great resources. TV Tropes is another great place to check your clichés regarding characters of color—and clichés in general.

Double-bonus cheat code:
Here are some near and dear topics / themes we were hoping to receive...
While not nonexistent, there was a severe lack of wicked faery women or wicked human women dealing with the fae! And a severe lack of non-western folk / faery tale wicked representation. There was also no space horror, very few reimagined historically wicked women, and nothing with horses or horsewomen outlaws.

And no lighthouses! (One editor in particular would really love a good lighthouse horror!)
I’m not saying you have to include those topics, but clean manuscripts that do include diverse representation and favored topics are going to be exceptionally strong contenders!
So, potential submitters to Wicked Women—Go forth and write!! I look forward to the submissions we get by April 15!

If you need a reminder of the rest of the guidelines, here they are:
Length: 3K to 6K words; query for longer or shorter works.
Payment: $50 for short stories and $25 for poetry (depending on length that could change).
Formatting: Standard MS, 12 point Times New Roman. One space after the sentence ends. Attach the story as a file .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF. No PDFs please. Do not copy and paste the story into the body of the email.

Send submissions to: NEHWSUBS@gmail(dot)com.
Submissions, as well as revised and resubmitted pieces, will be read blind. Make sure you identify yourself in the cover letter, but if you scrub your manuscript of your name—including the meta info if you know how—that makes things a lot easier for Dan, who has been wonderful about helping us keep things blind. We shouldn’t have to say it, but announcing publicly when you’re submitting, asking story-specific questions on a public forum, or letting one of the editors know you’ll be submitting soon hurts the blind process. Please don’t do this.

We also shouldn’t have to say this, but please do not send stories of sex with animals or with children. No extreme violence or gore. If you have to include violence in the story to continue the plot, that’s fine - not too graphic and move the plot along. Keep it R rated.
Payment will be made 90 days after publications.

Finally, we are still taking cover submissions!
If you are an artist or you know an artist who should submit, here’s the GLs for that:
Send 2-3 thumbnail concept images as .JPG or .PNG files to NEHWSUBS@gmail(dot)com along with a cover letter that includes estimated cost, time frames, and your contact information. Cover pitches do not need to be sent blind.
Thank you everyone!